Simpla Features

Simpla Features

  • Unlimited quantity of goods and categories;
  • Unlimited number of nested categories;
  • Related products;
  • Add an item for sale in several different categories simultaneously;
  • Moderator approved product comments;
  • Sort products by default, by price or by name;
  • Manual product sorting;
  • Modifications of each product with unique inventory tracking, prices;
  • Comparison prices to indicate sales;
  • Previously viewed product history display;
  • Product brands with descriptions and logos;
  • Product filtering by brand;
  • Image and description to go with each category;
  • Custom 404 page;
  • Product search field with drop-down suggestions;

Products features

  • Different arrays of features for different product categories;
  • Automatic features field completion;
  • Product filtering by features;
  • Filter values take into consideration the existence of products with given characteristics;

Product Images

  • Automatic resizing;
  • Upload images from your computer or an external link;
  • Unlimited number of images per product;
  • Easily add watermarks;
  • Arrange images via drag-and-drop;
  • Support for JPG, PNG and GIF formats, including animation and transparency;
  • Image caching;

Easy-to-use Control Panel

  • Control panel divided into intuitive sections;
  • Product and other list sorting via drag-and-drop, including dragging and dropping products between categories and brands;
  • Product one-click duplication;
  • Wysiwyg editor with comfy image and file managers;
  • Page navigation via Ctrl →, automatic typography, and a number of other pleasant miscellaneous features;
  • Manage the store from an iPad or other tablet device;
  • Preview changes before publishing;
  • Links to product, category and page content editing straight from the site itself;

Simple Design Editing

  • Smarty template engine, templates without a drop of PHP;
  • Simple template structure;
  • Integrated template editor with syntax highlighting;
  • Templates for outgoing customer e-mails;
  • In most cases, simply edit CSS to alter design


  • Feedback form;
  • Administrator e-mail notifications;
  • Message management via the control panel;


  • AJAX based shopping cart;
  • Ordering without registration;
  • Optional user registration;
  • Registered user database;
  • Discount system;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Order history in the user control panel;
  • Order tracking;
  • E-mail notifications for order status changes;
  • Ability to place and edit orders in the control panel;
  • Administrator’s notes attached to orders;
  • Map display of buyer’s address;
  • Day-by-day order statistics;

Warehouse Inventory

  • Automatic warehouse inventory;
  • Automatic removal of items from warehouse inventory upon purchase;
  • Items automatically removed from sale when not available at the warehouse;
  • Option of disabling inventory tracking for desired items;

Search Engine Optimization

  • Friendly URLs that are pleasant to the eye and provide optimal search engine results;
  • Automatic Google Site Map generation;
  • Automatically filled title, keywords and description tags;
  • Edit the title, keywords and description tags for any page manually if desired;

Open source

  • Fully open source code;
  • Engine source code entirely separated from design elements;
  • CSS oriented layout;
  • PHP5, Smarty3, OOP, MVC;

Integration With Other Systems

  • Import/export goods from/to Excel files;
  • Import/export products characteristics;


  • Buyers can choose preferred currency;
  • Toggle cent display for any given currencies;
  • Price formatting options (select how to separate thousands and cents);
  • Automatic price recalculating for different payment methods;


  • Optimized number of database queries (no more than 20 queries per page);
  • All database queries are optimized for maximum efficiency;
  • RAM usage limited to no more than 2 MB;


  • Secured against SQL injections: all variables go through verification, each database query is secured against unexpected scenarios
  • Secured against XSS attacks;
  • Secured against CSRF attacks: every query that alters any data is verified before being executed;